By dawn’s early light

This democracy has, by the grace of God and responsible citizens, held!

It has held through 4 ever longer years of maniacal insurrection.

It has held through many coup attempts from within — in the midst of a deadly and rabidly ignored pandemic.

Now, it has held through the worst frat party most of us have ever had the horror to view.

We knew it was coming, and that it was coming from our own, but it hurt. We couldn’t not take it personally. That’s our Capitol, too, and as much we may disagree with what emanates from there at times, it’s part of what we all call an American institution.

I’ve been proud of this country twice in these abominable four years. Back on Nov. 3 when the citizenry said, “Enough is enough,” with their Biden/Harris votes, and last night, when an exhausted set of initially utterly unprotected and thoroughly besieged electors finished the certification process into the wee hours.

Beyond being proof abundant that it’s time to shake off the shackles of an electoral college, here is what our suffering has gained (and ironically, it’s due in great part to Trump’s very own outrageous actions):

On January 20 (or before — both impeachment and the removal-from-office amendment are indeed being discussed), we will have a calm, experienced and responsible Administration with heart for its people, for other nations’ people, and for this planet we’ve been helping to ruin.

That Administration now, with Georgia’s courageous votes this week to oust a currently unAmerican party from power, will not be hamstrung in Congress after all.

That new Administration won’t let us continue to die like lemmings with this so far mismanaged pandemic.

We have been shown Constitutional loopholes that need to be closed or finalized and ratified. The new Administration will have noticed even more than we do!

We know through lax and preoccupied oversight what cyber gaps to close.

There will be real answering to do for criminal and civil injustices, real justice change and protection, (maybe) some gun control initiatives with teeth, and quite possibly some immigration reform that won’t turn us a whiter shade of pale.

And now, there are at last some braver Republican eyes on Trump and his base. It is not likely that Trump will be removed or impeached one more time, but many of his former enablers have also said, “Enough is enough.”

How outrageous to have so loyally respected an office when the office-holder does not! We’ll forgive most of them, in time, but that handful who went ahead and objected to certifying states’ vote tallies should plan to retire early and move to Florida.

I am praying that our ideological adversaries will not force our hand on responses at least until after the new Administration is seated– and I believe it mainly is our prayers that lifted us out of this merciless pit.

And, considering so many mislead and underemployed goons were fully armed yesterday before the talkative Capitol cops showed up, surely it was our prayer that protected our electors.

It feels like our New Year won’t begin until 12:01 p.m. on January 20, 2021, and we will still face many woes, but indeed, we are “turning the page” even now.

Our democracy held! Rejoice!

Thank You, Lord.




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